JDC Shabbat Hop!

JDC Berlin organized a lovely Shabbat hop that hosted 12 people in two different homes. The way the evening worked was that two different hosts hosted a transient evening of singing, laughing, eating and game playing. Every participant contributed a food dish to the meal to make the evening colorful and yummy. We started our hopping at a friend’s beautiful apartment in Prezlauergberg. She lives on the top floor, which ensured that we would all get some sports in before our Shabbat feast. Her home is quaint and filled with beautiful plants, tucked in the corners that open up the space with life and color. We all made Kiddush together and then enjoyed an hour of schmoozing and appetizers.
We then picked ourselves up and walked to another host’s apartment, about 15 minutes away from the first house. It was lovely to enjoy the summer outdoors during the Shabbat evening. The cool, yet inviting air and the smell of Shabbat lead us to our next destination. When we arrived, the room was prepared beautifully for us. We all sat down and shared the dishes that we brought. We spent the night telling stories, learning new games, and laughing a lot. We had a lovely evening together and we hope to have this hop again before the summer flies away.

The goal of the hop is to enjoy Shabbat in a more unconventional way. To get us moving, exploring the city, and empowering young local Jewish participants to take on the joy of hosting their own Shabbat event! If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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