Studentim Meets Uri Orlev

On Sunday, July 31 we had the incredible opportunity to meet Uri Orlev and his charming wife Ya’ara!

Uri is a Shoa survivor and extremely talented Polish-Israeli children’s book author. His books have been translated from Hebrew into 36 languages! He also translated all Janusz Korczak’s books from Polish to Hebrew. Now he and his family live in Israel and one of his sons moved a year ago to Berlin.

He talk to over 20 students on a sunny and warm summer Sunday about his experience as a child in Warsaw-Ghetto and than in a concentration camp. He told his story from the perspective of a child and it is how he explained this: “I process the past through writing from the perspective of a child. This protects me from not sinking while standing on a thin layer of ice on a frozen lake.” Those words and other very moving stories he told in a very funny and varied way touched the auditory deeply. Young people had a chance to process their own feelings and reflect there points of few through the discussion after the presentation and the questions addressed to Uri. We are looking towards meet this incredible and charming couple again soon.

Special thanks to Ella Nilova, J-ArtEck Jugendbildungsstätte e.V.,the Janusz Korczak House Berlin  EVZ for inviting Uri to Germany and introducing him to Studentim and thanks to Nevatim Projekt with the Jewish Agency for the tasty coffee and cake at vegan place Frecklesheaven in Kreuzberg.

See photos and learn more about Studentim!

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