Let’s Start Davening Marches in CSD

It is already a tradition: every year, the Let’s Start Davening (LSD) group in Berlin marches proudly together with the Israeli Embassy in Christopher Street Day. Last Shabbat, July 23rd, the tradition continued. We marched together with great friends, on a really hot day, all the way from KuDamm to Brandenburg Tor. The strong connection between CSD and LSD is clear: core values of LSD are human rights and social action. Thus, LSD is an open space for the members of the LGBTQ* community and an open community for all kinds of gender identities.

13770410_1104809232921148_8281781150889398448_n (1)LSD is supported by the Department for Diaspora Activities at the World Zionist Organization. Therefore we believe in the importance of constantly thinking of new ways to discuss contemporary and “hot” issues which focus on contemporary Israeli society. This CSD, we were lucky to host Avi Soffer, a LGBTQ* activist from Tel Aviv, right before the parade. Together with Avi we discussed the challenges and the success stories of the LGBTQ* community in Israel. Avi left us with a strong optimistic feeling—yes, there are still great changes to confront, still prejudices to fight, but compared to its history, the Israeli LGBTQ* community has achieved recognition and many rights. After the discussion, we had a delicious Kiddush which gave us the energy to walk and dance alongside the Tel Aviv Float for almost 5 km. We cannot wait for CSD 2017!

The members of LSD are constantly looking for new cooperations and new members who will help them reach out to new audiences. If you would like to join us and become an active member of the LSD leadership- please let us know!

Stay tuned for our August’s Kabbalat Shabbat , for our future events and for our upcoming new website which will help people around the world establish LSD at their places.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in our events! Join our Facebook Group or email us with questions at berlin@lets-start-davening.com.


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