‘Lieder’ is the German word for Songs, and ‘Leider’ is the word for ‘Unfortunately.’ In the ‘Leider Abende’ I sing – unfortunately. If you wish to know why, you shall have to come!
Actually I love the Lieder of Franz Schubert  (and have written my own versions of some), but there are also English and German folk songs, Jewish liturgical pieces, operettas and more.
In these Cabaret Evenings I speak about my own biography, how my childhood or student days or career or music have influenced me, what it is like to be Jewish or to be a Rabbi in Germany, and I sing (or attempt to sing – unfortunately!) various songs; The tale is told (in German) with many of the word-games I have created over the years, and even some serious comments on the way the Bible is so often misunderstood.
Max Doehlemann, composer and jazz pianist, plays the piano brilliantly and undertakes several parts and these anecdotes, jokes, puns, satiric songs and all the stuff in between make up an evening’s programme that sends people away thinking harder than they perhaps expected at the beginning…
We have performed several times at ‘Comzi’, a bar on Pariser Strasse (near corner Fasanenstrasse), starting 19.00. We’ll be performing there again tomorrow, Wednesday, July 20th.
More dates and also some different venues are currently in the pipeline – and will be given on my website:-
[The Berlin Rabbi Walter Rothschild, citizen of the world, author, railway specialist and cabaret artist tells the story of his life and sing songs.
It is not only an extraordinary Jewish scholar but also a gifted storyteller with British-Jewish humor, charm and bite.
He is accompanied by the composer Max Doehlemann on (or under) the piano.
They bring together a witty, thinking, in any case entertaining program on the stage. Director: Jan Becker.
Free admission (donations welcome).
Wednesday July 20, 7 pm]

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