Wine & Cheesecake!

Fifteen cheesecakes. Twenty wines. The Ten Commandments and amazing folks.

The Jewish Student Center held a delicious Wine & Cheesecake party this Shavuot for young Jewish people. The evening began with Rabbi Avi reading the Ten Commandments as the Torah was given to the whole of Jewish people once again. Powerful words addressing the idea of receiving the Torah and uniting with it were discussed and the crowd enjoyed a spectacular evening in good company!

The Jewish Student Center holds events for Jewish students and young people regularly.

See you next time!
Rabbi Avi & Mushky Feldman


One thought on “Wine & Cheesecake!

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    With cheesecake you can’t lose!

    Sounds like a wonderful time and sharing the Torah with the young people is truly an awesome gift to be able to participate in 🙂

    mazel tov!


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