Shavuot with JDC and Rykestraβe

This past Sunday, 25 young adults gathered in Rykestraβe Synagoge in Prenzlauer Berg to have Shavuot together. Traditionally, Shavuot is a harvest festival that has come to signify cheesecake and all-night learning sessions. In this spirit, JDC Berlin and Rykestrasse partnered to create “lightening learning” through TED-style talks.

Gathering on the second floor of the Synagoge, participants ate a delicious dairy feast (cheesecake included) followed by short, ten-minute talks given by individuals in the group. Talks were informal and ranged from science and literature to personal experiences and theatre. In this relaxed setting, peers were able to learn from each other and share ideas and knowledge.

The event took place amongst a flurry of activity with Bambinim programming for children and families on the main floor. The kids spent the afternoon planting and creating arts and crafts that engaged the imagination. It was incredible to see Rykestrasse full of Shavuot activity!

Huge thanks to all of the participants and speakers!

Learn more about JDC and Rykestraβe programs.

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